How you can market yourself and let people know you work in real estate.

We wanted to share a clip from day one of our real estate boot camp where we went over the basics of marketing and branding.

You don’t want to be a secret agent. You want to make sure everyone knows that you’re a real estate agent. So how do you let people know what you do?

“You don’t want to be a secret agent.”

Two core concepts might help you with this. The first is to engage with your sphere of influence. We also have a daily success tracker that can help you with this. The second concept is what we call the three-foot rule. The idea is that you speak to everyone within three feet of you as much as you can.

We hope you enjoyed this brief look into our training process. If you have any questions about marketing or the industry in general, feel free to call or email us. We’d love to hear from you.