Three social media marketing platforms you should use in your business.

If you want to source leads or build your network, one of the best ways to do it is by using social media. After all, almost everyone now has an account in the digital sphere. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, most people are connected online. By tapping into these platforms, you are opening up a world of opportunities for your business, not just locally but internationally! To help boost your marketing efforts, we taught a short course about the most popular social media avenues and how you can best take advantage of them. We’d like to share a snippet of it with you. 

Feel free to watch the full video above or use these timestamps to browse specific topics at your leisure:

0:00 — Introduction

0:41 — Socialnomics 2018 stats

1:52 — Facebook

2:28 — Instagram

4:29 — LinkedIn

6:04 — Use the universal call script and set an appointment

6:50 — Wrapping up

If you want to learn more about social media marketing or have any other real estate questions in general, don’t hesitate to call or email us. We’d love to connect with you!