How our house leads program has helped our Realtors find success.

Today Jessica, one of our agents, will share a bit about her experience working with Giving Tree Realty and how our house leads program has helped her business.

“I’m a local real estate agent in the Charlotte area. I’ve been working with Giving Tree Realty for about three years. I started working with them soon after I received my license. One of my favorite things about Giving Tree Realty is how I’ve been able to leverage their house leads program.

My goal was to jump-start my career with those leads. Their program helped me grow my business without having to lean on my personal network. It let me build the local experience, get reviews, and gain the expertise people are looking for. I gained the confidence and competency to apply what I had learned within my personal network, and I still leverage that program when I have extra time or don’t have a steady stream of business.”

Giving Tree Realty is proud to to offer our House Leads program to all of our agents!

We understand that sometimes an agent has yet to establish a large personal network. Whether you’re a new or experienced agent, we know the task of growing your bottom-line heavily relies on prospecting and nurturing new relationships.

What is your current team offering you in terms of leads?

Giving Tree Realty produces hundreds of LEADS for our Broker-Partners each and every month. Some of our lead sources include: referrals, organic website inquiries, google local services, google ad words, Facebook, radio, re-marketing, walk ins, Zillow, national lead aggregators, banner ads etc.

At Giving Tree Realty we give all of our Broker-Partners an opportunity to receive “House Generated” LEADS to grow their business. Our Broker-Partners get to keep all referrals off our “House Generated” LEADS as their own self-generated business.

We’ve sold over $65 Million in “House Generated” leads creating approx $2,000,000 in total real estate commissions for our Broker-Partners…How much more money would you like to earn this year???

Call us TODAY to see how you will qualify to receive Giving Tree Realty “House Generated” LEADS… 704-323-8080 ext/4