How our Aspire™ Program can help you plan for your retirement.

How can Giving Tree Realty help agents save? Today we sat down with Brian Lipsick to hear all about it. He and his wife are both Giving Tree agents, and they came from a corporate background where they had 401ks.

They were looking around for a firm, but they soon realized that no one had a great retirement program. One of the things that drew them to Giving Tree Realty was our Aspire™ Program. Through it, they can contribute a portion of their sales to investment funds, and we’ll match their contribution. They can also earn contributions by recruiting new agents.

All of this gave Brian peace of mind—he knows his money is going toward a happy retirement. If you have any questions about our Aspire™ Program or our team in general, feel free to call or email us. We’d love to hear from you.